In addition to maintenance and repairs to wagons and locomotives, we carry out numerous other interventions to keep your trains rolling. We have, after all, more than 20 years of experience in this area, are used to thinking in terms of solutions and will accept any challenge. If you have a problem, call the RSN team! 

On-site shunting services

From this summer on, we are able to accommodate fully-integrated rail shunting services on your company‚Äôs premises.  On-site shunting services are shunting services for companies that have railcars that need to be repositioned and handled within their facility, but do not want to rely solely on the railroad company by which they are serviced.

We do not only provide shunting locomotives, but also qualified locomotive drivers. They (temporarily) relieve your organization of the complications and difficulties of day-to-day rail operations management, so you can concentrate on your core business. More information


Lighting modification

Locomotives must also be easily visible on the tracks and locomotive drivers must have a good line of sight. We convert the lighting of Class 66 locomotives from halogen to LED lights. The locomotives are taken to our workshop by our clients where our electrician trained technicians carry out all adjustments to the cabling, switches, instrumentation and lights. All actions are documented and parts and diagrams are registered.  



Filling the sandboxes of locomotives

A locomotive needs sand in wet or colder weather conditions in order to brake or depart. This sand is automatically supplemented during maintenance at our workshop. Sometimes the sandboxes of the locomotive may be emptied early and the sand needs to be topped up. We provide sand to the locomotives in both our workshop and on-site where we deploy our sand filling system that we designed ourselves. We, moreover, have an autonomous tank system and provisioning containers to supply locomotives with sand, oil, and cooling water near the border with Germany and the Netherlands (Montzen). 


When a freight train (locomotive or wagon) derails, the RSN team will then again put the derailed rolling stock onto the track. We go to the location with the required equipment and assess on-site how we can best rerail the train again. Based on the weight of the rolling stock, we work with either our own truck with a hydraulic crane if there is space for this or our own rerailing kit to again position the wagon or locomotive back on the tracks using hydraulic cylinders. RSN will carry out all the coordination on-site. We have quite some know-how and skills in-house. We also have a team that specialises in wagons that transport hazardous products (such as tank wagons). For heavier or more complex lifting work we work together with a network of other partners when required. 

Shipping of locomotives or multiple units

If a locomotive or multiple units must be shipped abroad, the RSN team can assume responsibility for the entire coordination and the planning for shipping. We can, for example, weigh and measure the locomotive or multiple units, remove parts that impede the transport (such as brake magnets), or carry out other interventions to prepare everything for transport.  

Moving loads

If a loaded wagon is faulty or cannot be driven on the track anymore, RSN can assume responsibility for moving or transferring the load. We have the required equipment such as our own truck with a hydraulic crane that can lift heavy loads up to 70 t/m. We ask our partners to assist in relation to heavier work. 

Changing sets of wheels

The RSN team can change sets of wheels on-site under wagons even when this is not possible using the traditional method. Such as, for example, in relation to a covered wagon that cannot be divided. We do not just have a truck with a hydraulic crane, but also various electric lifting jacks. Our truck can also transport up to 15 sets of wheels. Since we have a sister company that overhauls sets of wheels at our sites, we also have the option of dealing with the sets of wheels. 


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