Rail Service Net - RSN

RSN offers a range of cost-efficient, flexible maintenance services to keep the fleets of locomotives and freight wagons of our clients operational.  

Twenty years ago, we stood at the cradle of the very first private railway company. Ronny Dillen, founded Dillen & Le Jeune Cargo (DLC) NV in 2001. That was then the first private and international freight railway undertaking with its own traction in Belgium with a European licence and safety certificates in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.  

Ronny Dillen realised then already that locomotives and wagons also required maintenance and repairs.  After DLC was not allowed to use the NMBS (Belgian train company) workshops, he founded Rail Service Net BV (RSN) in 2004. RSN was a ground-breaking company that also offered mobile maintenance to locomotives and freight wagons as the first on the Belgian market. 

Both DLC and RSN were awarded a Trends Gazellen Award as the fastest growing company (in the 2003-2006 period and 2011, respectively). 

We therefore have quite some experience to quickly get your freight train rolling again!

We keep your trains rolling

We take care of the maintenance, repair and overhaul of wagons, locomotives and wheelsets for railway undertakings, wagon keepers, chemical companies and terminals. In addition, we do all sorts of interventions that are required to ensure your train keeps on rolling: changing wheelsets, rerailing, moving loads and even shipping rail vehicles. You can therefore focus on your key activities. 

RSN operates in a radius of 300 km around its operating base at the Port of Antwerp. We carry out interventions everywhere in Belgium, but also in the West of Germany, the South of the Netherlands, the Port of Rotterdam and the North of France. 

10.000 wagons / year

10.000 wagons / year

300 locomotives / year

300 locomotives / year

28.000 m2 concession in the Port of Antwerp

28.000 m2 concession in the Port of Antwerp

2002: at the cradle of the 1st private railroad company in Belgium

2002: at the cradle of the 1st private railroad company in Belgium

35 service vehicles, 1 truck with crane (lifting capacity 70 t/m)

35 service vehicles, 1 truck with crane (lifting capacity 70 t/m)

3.000 wheelsets / year

3.000 wheelsets / year

Perfectly equipped and centrally located

Our 28,000 m2 concession can be found at the centre of the Port of Antwerp. We have two sidings at Oorderen and five railway tracks that are each at least 500 metres long. We have various electric lifting jacks that we can use to lift wagons on-site or in our workshop. 

Our workshop building to perform work on wagons or locomotives has two covered railway tracks for maintenance and an inspection pit with a locomotive tractor. The workshop where the wheelsets are maintained is also fully set-up with, for example, a blast booth, CNC lathe and spray booth. 

Our technicians go to site with our fleet of 35 vans to carry out the work safely and efficiently. Our equipped truck that includes a hydraulic crane can lift up to 70 t/m, which is ideal to, for example, transport sets of wheels or to perform lifting work in relation to rerailing. We work in partnership with a network of partners for heavier lifting work or other activities for which we are not equipped.  

We also have an autonomous tank systems and provisioning containers to supply locomotives with sand, oil and cooling water. 

History: we are right on track!


Rail Service Net (RSN) founded:

Mobile maintenance of freight wagons.


Expansion of activities:

Mobile maintenance of locomotives. 


Expansion of the field of action:

Wagon maintenance also in the Netherlands, Northern France and the West of Germany. 


Relocated to new offices and warehouse in Wommelgem (Belgium)



ISO9002:2000 + SCC, recognised by SNCB/B-Cargo, SNCFN, IVW and AAE.  


Expansion of certificates:

VPI, ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance). 


Installation of an automatic service station for locomotives in Montzen (Belgium). 


28,000 m2 concession in the Port of Antwerp, construction of offices and a workshop for overhauling wheelsets. 


Further expansion of certificates:

Expansion of the VPI certificates with IS1 and IS2 for overhauling wheelsets. 

Welding standard DIN EN 15085-2 for repairs in our workshop and mobile interventions. 

NDT Railway/DIN 27201-7 standard for non-destructive testing. 

Installation of lifting jacks. 


Installation of an inspection pit

Installation of an inspection pit for maintenance and repairs to locomotives and wagons. 


Construction of a workshop building with two covered railway tracks for maintenance and a spray booth. 


Purchase of a crane truck for transporting sets of wheels.  

Expansion of the VPI certificate with G42/G48.  


Expansion of activities:

Rerailing wagons and locomotives. 


Environmental permit additional workshop building and therefore the capacity for locomotive and wagon repairs was doubled. Start of construction forecasted for 2022