Wheelsets are the most stressed components of a freight train. Vibrations, heavy axle loads, or bad weather conditions may cause damage or wear to the thread, wheel flange, or bearings. Worn or faulty wheelsets mean that a freight train may risk derailing and therefore correct maintenance is essential. 

The wheelset workshop on the RSN site is in charge of performing the maintenance on the wheelsets. The wheelsets of our clients are delivered, but, if required, we can also arrange their transport. Annually, we overhaul approximately 3,000 wheelsets and mainly work at the instructions of wagon keepers and rental companies. We meet the highest quality and safety standards and our central location in the Benelux is also an important benefit.  

We perform various types of wheelset inspections (IL, IS1, and IS2). Our workshop is fully equipped to ensure we can perform all required maintenance actions: cleaning wheelsets, removing paint, reprofiling, inspecting the bearings, (ultrasonic and magnetic) testing the axle and wheel discs, respraying wheelsets, etc. 

Maintenance of wheelsets

  • Disassembly of the wheelsets: the wheelsets are disassembled by our engineers. All parts are visually examined and measured: axle boxes, bearings and wear plates. 
  • Blasting the wheelsets: in relation to IS2 maintenance, the paint and other dirt residue on discs and the axle of the wheelsets is removed in our blast booth. After completing this step, the magnetic and ultrasonic NDT can be performed. 
  • Turning or reprofiling wheelsets: we improve the profile of the wheel that rolls on the tracks by using our CNC lathe. We will, if required, remove cracks, chipping, flat surfaces or metal transfers. 
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) of the wheelsets: our NDT-certified technicians trace flaws that may possibly be located deeper in the metal by applying ultrasonic testing. We trace any flaws on or just under the surface using magnetic testing.  
  • Installation of wheelset components: all wheelset components that were disassembled are again professionally installed. 
  • Spraying wheelsets: after blasting, all paint will have been removed from the wheelsets. Our technicans provide them with a new coat in our spray booth. 

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