We inspect and support the shunting activities of all types of freight trains

Your freight train must run as cost-efficient as possible. This means that train sets must be composed quickly and reliably after which they can be transported safely and without interruptions to their final destination.

We can provide the required people who can assist your train drivers with shunting work, perform an inspection of the wagons and their loads and guarantee an efficient and reliable operation on-site.


Our people can help in relation to all your shunting such as delivering and picking up wagons, composing freight trains, and withdrawing rejected wagons. If required, a limited technical inspection is performed as well as providing assistance when performing a brake test.




Your freight train may not have any shortcomings that may put safety at risk. Our inspectors will carry out a technical inspection of your train both upon arrival and departure. We will closely check whether the wagons and load meet safety standards and examine the train for damage or deviations that may put safe transport at risk

Our people have enjoyed training as a shunter or inspector and are approved by the railway undertaking. They are very flexible when working and speak Dutch. They have been medically examined and psychologically tested. Reassessments and further trainings are organised on a yearly basis.

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