Diagnostics, maintenance and repair

The efficient operation of the railways depends on the reliability and availability of locomotives. Sound and efficient maintenance of the locomotive is therefore essential and breakdowns must definitely be prevented. 

RSN offers various levels of preventive and/or corrective maintenance for electric or diesel locomotives to ensure your fleet remains operational. From a simple adding of sand or coolant, the repair or replacement of electronic or mechanical parts to a full overhaul or modernisation. You can then focus on your key activities. 

Maintenance and repairs

Our team of technicians perform maintenance and repair tasks on locomotives for railway undertakings on sites like shunting yards, (chemical) plants and terminals. We mainly work as a subcontractor for companies that manage full-service contracts, but also directly for railway undertakings when it does not concern full service-related issues. 

RSN operates in a radius of 300 km around its operating base at the Port of Antwerp. We carry out interventions everywhere in Belgium, but also in the West of Germany (Ruhr area), the South of the Netherlands, the Port of Rotterdam and the North of France. 

Various maintenance activities performed on locomotives: hydraulic, electric and mechanical; 

  • Repair and maintenance of various brake systems; 
  • Replacing windscreens, cylinders, starter motors, compressors, aftercoolers, etc.; 
  • Disassembly and integration of motors and engines; 
  • Lighting modification; 
  • Oil bath changes; 
  • Labelling; 
  • Etc. 

Mobile or at our workshop

Has your locomotive broken down due to a defect while on its way? Then flexibility is one of our strong benefits! Our mobile team is there for you 24/7. We will go to the site as soon as possible to determine the cause and to see whether the locomotive can be repaired immediately on-site.  

Our technicians will subsequently carry out first-line repairs. Such as, for example, replacing faulty lights or sensors or repairing other small defects that have an impact on the train continuing its route (from a safety perspective and otherwise). 

For repair and maintenance actions that cannot be performed while mobile, the locomotive can be towed or driven to our workshop.  

RSN has 2 sidings at Oorderen and 5 railway tracks for maintenance that are each 500 to 600 metres long. We have a workshop building with 2 railway tracks for maintenance and an inspection pit (traction with electric shunting locomotive). 

We are right on track!

RSN meets various European and national regulations. We carry out various final checks and work performance checks in relation to repairs and maintenance to locomotives. Our people continuously receive additional training through various workplace-related or job-related training courses. Read more here about our attention to quality and safety. 

We are ISO 9001 certified and work on more than 300 locomotives on a yearly basis in accordance with the maintenance manuals drawn up by builders or in accordance with the guidelines of the Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM). We will accept any and all challenges and are extremely solution focused. Our greatest benefit? We pride ourselves on our flexibility! 

Twenty years ago, we stood at the cradle of the very first private railway company. Thanks to all this experience, we will quickly again get your freight train rolling! 

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