Inspection, maintenance and repair of freight wagons

The deployability of your freight wagons is essential. You want to prevent accidents, avoid wagons being idle and save time and costs. Sound maintenance of your wagon fleet will improve efficiency and safety and, at the same time, ensure a general saving on costs.

RSN offers a range of flexible maintenance services to keep your fleet (locomotives and freight wagons) operational. You can then focus on your key activities. 

Inspection, maintenance and repair of freight wagons

Our team of technicians performs maintenance and repair tasks on wagons for railway undertakings and wagon keepers, on sites like shunting yards, (chemical) plants and terminals.  

We maintain and repair all types of freight wagons: wagons for the transport of containers and/or trailers, car transporter wagons, covered wagons, tank wagons, bulk wagons, etc. RSN operates in a radius of 300 km around its operating base at the Port of Antwerp. We carry out interventions everywhere in Belgium, but also in the West of Germany, the South of the Netherlands, the Port of Rotterdam and the North of France. 

  • Various preventive maintenance interventions and repairs  
  • G4.2 or G4.8 overhaul 
  • Mileage checks 
  • Tank tests 
  • Work on tank wagons such as exchanging fittings, replacing seals and repairing hydraulic and mechanical controls 
  • Brake tests and changing brake components 
  • Removing graffiti 
  • Welding work by certified welders 
  • Set of wheels changes (both mobile and at our workshop) 
  • Daily inspections on-site at terminals or chemical companies 
  • Technical inspections 
  • Etc. 

Curative and preventive maintenance  

The RSN team performs both curative and preventive maintenance on freight wagons.  

Preventive maintenance is scheduled together with you and is performed correctly and in a timely manner. Thanks to our service, you save on time and costs and you will improve the availability of your fleet.  

If your freight wagon has broken down somewhere on site, we will react ad hoc. Where is it and which work can be performed on the parking track? Which wagon is affected and what is the type? Is the wagon loaded or not? Is it a tank wagon and does it contain hazardous products? What damage has been determined or which rejection code is involved? Based on all this information, we will send the best suitable technician as soon as possible with the required materials to site. 

Technical inspections and tests 

Technical inspections and tests based on a checklist can also be performed. We check your freight train in relation to various aspects such as wheelsets, brakes, and the presence of danger labels. We will perform a technical inspection and will check whether everything complies with the standards. 

Mobile or at our workshop 

Has your wagon broken down due to a defect while on its way? Then flexibility is one of our strong benefits!  

Is there no track in the area where work can be performed, for example, welding work or changing wheelsets, your wagon can then be taken to our workshop. RSN has 2 sidings at Oorderen and 5 railway tracks for maintenance that are each between 500 to 600 metres long. Our workshop building includes 2 tracks and one inspection pit. We have various lifting jacks and a truck with a hydraulic crane that can lift up to 70 metric tons. 

We are right on track! 

As is the case with every company in the railway industry, RSN meets various European and national regulations. The quality is assured by performing a system of final checks, spot checks, and work performance checks. Our people continuously receive additional training through various workplace-related or job-related training courses. Read more here about our attention to quality and safety. 

We perform more than 10,000 repairs on wagons on a yearly basis. We will accept any and all challenges and are extremely solution-focused. Thanks to nearly 20 years of experience, we will quickly again get your freight train rolling! 

Our greatest benefit? We pride ourselves on our flexibility! 

RSN meets various European and national  regulations.