RSN performs technical inspections and assists the shunting of all freight train types

RSN performs technical inspections and assists the shunting of all freight train types

Are your freight trains ready for departure but you have insufficient people available to inspect them? As other railway companies do, ask RSN to perform inspections and deliver ground staff for shunting. Our wagon examiner will carry out a full technical check both upon departure and arrival.  In addition, you can also come to us for shunters to help your train drivers when shunting.


Thoroughly checked!

Your freight train may not have any shortcomings that may put safety at risk. Our inspectors will carry out a technical inspection of your train both upon arrival and departure. We will carefully check whether the wagons meet safety standards (GCU requirements), check the load and determine whether there is damage or deviations that may put safe transport at risk. We do this based on the wagon and hazardous good lists. All orders and carried out interventions and checks are processed, for example, in an app that has been especially developed for wagon examiners.



Your freight train must run as cost-efficiently as possible. This means that train sets must be assembled quickly and reliably after which they can be transported safely and without interruptions to their final destination. 

Our people can help in relation to all your shunting such as delivering and picking up wagons, assemble freight trains and withdraw rejected wagons. If required, a limited technical inspection is performed as well as providing assistance when performing a brake test.

Our wagon examiners and shunters have been trained and receive yearly refresher courses. They are, moreover, regularly audited unannounced by railway companies.  Our people also have the medical examinations performed as set out in legislation.