Changing a wheelset on site for the wagon keeper

A wagon keeper discovered a defect in relation to one of the wheelsets after cleaning a wagon and asked us to change the faulty wheelset on site. This ensured that no valuable time was lost due to transport and additional costs were avoided. RSN ensured a fast intervention!

When planning the work, we need different information. We need to know what type of wagon is involved and where it is located. To ensure we can lift the wagon on site, it must be accessible to our trucks. Our truck is equipped with a hydraulic crane and can carry up to 15 wheelsets. 

On site, the truck was switched off and set up next to the wagon. Our engineers released the faulty wheelset and lifted the wagon onto the lifting point. The faulty wheelset was replaced, the wagon placed back on the ground and the T-pieces reattached. Our people performed a function test in relation to the brakes and checked for inside springs that were loose. They checked whether anything had been twisted and whether anything that had been loose was again attached. Screw couplings and buffers were lubricated and we checked the wagon one last time for any other defects. Subsequently, the wagon was released.

We keep your trains rolling

RSN meets various European and national regulations. Our customers find all know-how, skills and materials under one roof with us. We have the required material to change wheelsets both on site and in our workshop. Our people carry out more than 10,000 repairs on wagons a year. We will accept any and all challenges and are extremely solution focused. Flexibility is our greatest asset! 

Thanks to nearly 20 years of experience, we will quickly get your freight train rolling again!